Los Angeles from the Sky

I'm starting a series of articles about my recent trip to California in April - May 2016. It's by far the most diverse and interest...

I'm starting a series of articles about my recent trip to California in April - May 2016. It's by far the most diverse and interesting state I've ever been to. California is a dream destination for an outdoor enthusiast and IT guy like me. It's also a place of extremes: California has the biggest ocean, the highest mountains in the contiguous US, the hottest place and the biggest trees on Earth, the largest economy among all 50 states, the biggest IT companies in the world, the best wines in the US, the bravest fighters for human rights. This list can go on and on. Bear with me for the next couple of weeks and you'll discover some of the best wonders of California. But today I want to show you, Los Angeles, from the window of my aircraft. Enjoy!
Los Angeles is the second-largest megalopolis in the US by population after Greater New York. The city with its satellites is so huge, so you can easily drive through it for at least a few hours at a speed of 70 miles per hour (110 km/h). Los Angeles mostly lies in the valley surrounded by mountains and the ocean. Its unique geography ensures that temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year, so Angelenos enjoy a mild climate year around. A relatively new neighbourhood is back to back with the San Bernardino Mountains.
For the number of residents (almost 18 million people), public transportation almost does not exist in Greater Los Angeles. So people heavily rely on cars and roads. The highway grid in Los Angeles is the most impressive I've seen anywhere in the world. However, it has a huge drawback - smog. Mountains and the ocean lock the polluted air in the valley, so it stays there for a long period of time. The worst smog can be seen in September when a seasonal drought fuels forest fires in Southern California. 
Canals deliver potable water to Angelenos from as far as the Colorado River and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
Due to climate change, Southern California has been experiencing the worst drought in its history over the past five years. State authorities encourage replacing traditional grass lawns with plans that consume less water. There is also a limit on how many times a week you can dew your lawn. Usually, it's only once a week.
The water from the tap tastes like distilled water.
Highways in Los Angeles with their epic traffic jams.
New houses-clones look awfully identical and cost a fortune. 
Without irrigation, Los Angeles looks like a desert, but that's precisely what it is. It's a new reality Angelenos are starting to face now.
In the next article, I'll show you one of the most beautiful roads in the world - California Highway 1 or Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Stay tuned!

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