Like to Skiing on the Beach? You Should Go to Wasaga Nordic

I have some good news for those of you, my readers, who have been complaining about the lack of snow in Toronto:  only a short ride north f...

I have some good news for those of you, my readers, who have been complaining about the lack of snow in Toronto: only a short ride north from the city brings you to the winter wonderland where you can enjoy all sorts of winter activities, and trust me - we have plenty of those in Ontario! From snowshoeing, skating and skiing all the way to winter camping, dog-sledding and snowmobiling. Today, I've recently had my first cross country skiing experience at Wasaga Nordic which I've been craving for a few years now. I really really enjoyed it, and hopefully, this post will encourage you to do the same while the spring hasn't completely taken over.

Wasaga Nordic is a part of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park in Southwestern Ontario. You should have seen a reaction of a person who asked me where I was going after I said 'To Wasaga Beach'. But don't be fooled by the park's name - Wasaga Nordic has its own piece of land, away from the actual beach, although it's still a part of the same town which, by the way, gets a lot of snow in the winter. 
I have never tried cross country ski before, so I really have nothing to compare against, but I think Wasaga Nordic is an amazing place to start. Not only does it have the most affordable rates in Ontario close to Toronto (you need to have a valid skiing permit in order to go skiing), but all their rental equipment (skis, boots and poles as well as snowshoes) is good and actually looks brand-new. So you don't have to worry about smelly boots!
The visitor centre also looks very nice and new. It even has a kitchen area with a chimney. And the park's staff is very welcoming and helpful, but I guess this is the case for all Ontario provincial parks.
Park offers plenty of ski trails to choose from - from beginner to advanced. All trails are groomed by a special machine. The majority of them have tracks, but some of them don't - they are called skating trails. I liked the ones with tracks, because it's really easy to ski using them. You don't even have to pay attention where you're going and just enjoy a beautiful forest. I almost felt like a train :)
Trails often intersect, so you can combine different trails with different difficulty levels.
This trail offers an opportunity to both use tracks and skate.
As this sign warms, some trails may be icy and slippery due to unusually warm weather that past Family day weekend.   
There is an open shelter with benches, picnic tables and a washroom in the middle of the park. I really admire those people who came up with this great area - to allow people to warm up on cold days.
Unlike Alpine or downhill skiing when people often seek rush and adrenaline, cross country skiing at Wasaga Nordic or pretty much any other similar park in Ontario allows you to enjoy the winter forest at your own pace. Not that cross country skiing is not fast or challenging - in fact, it is - but I guess surroundings and very few people give you more chance to have a more relaxed experience. 
Winter sunny forest is really magnificent.
Hope you enjoyed the port and will try cros country ski yourself, too.

When to go
Weather permitting, so make sure you check Ski Report  

From Toronto: take Highway 400 north toward Barrie, and exit at Highway 26. Drive for 18 km / 11 miles and turn right at Horseshoe Valley Rd. Almost immediately turn left on County Road 92 and follow the signs to Wasaga Beach.
Address: 101 Blueberry Trail, Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1S5, Canada
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 44.515417, Longitude: -80.016717

Additional Information
For additional information visit Wasaga Beach Provincial Park's official website.

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