Robert Is Here - Fruit Stand With Fascinating Story

Robert Is Here is a fruit stand with a very fascinating and encouraging story. It is located at a dusty intersection in Southern Florida on...

Robert Is Here is a fruit stand with a very fascinating and encouraging story. It is located at a dusty intersection in Southern Florida on the way to Everglades National Park.

I accidentally found it back in 2013, but this time, in 2015, I purposely drove there and will do it over again if another opportunity comes.
The story of this famous fruit stand, which by the way was even featured on TV, started back in fall 1959 when Robert was only 6. His father set him to sell cucumbers at the same intersection where the stand is located today. If you think it's not a big deal to stay outside in Southern Florida for a day, you're wrong. The climate is very harsh and unforgiving in this corner of the US. If the heat does not kill you, the humidity will. Even in late April, at the end of the dry season, it was really hard to be outside even for an hour. Now imagine a small boy there for the whole day... And, yes, he didn't sell anything that first day.
The very next day, Robert's father decided to place a sign where he wrote "Robert Is Here" using big red letters. By noon, all cucumbers were sold out. 
The news about Robert's success has spread out quickly. Next week one of Robert's neighbours asked Robert to sell his tomatoes. 
Robert was selling fruits and vegetables every day during the Christmas holidays. In January, Robert was back to school, however, his solicitous mother negotiated with the school bus driver that he would pick Robert up and drop him off at the fruit stand instead of Robert's home.  
So while other children were having fun and happy childhood, Robert was selling fruits and vegetables. He would go to the stand early in the morning, then go to his school for a day, and then go back to the stand until it was dark.
Besides fruits and vegetables, Robert was also selling coffee. It was a self-service basically, so people would just leave money in a can using the honour system.  
When Robert was 9, he hired a lady who would work for Robert while he was at school. 
Robert purchased his first piece of land when he was only 14 and planted his first avocado grove. 
Robert's passion has always been the tropical fruits. He grows them right here, at his farm. The fruit selection is amazing! Even those huge Jack fruits were grown here. Don't believe me? Check out the next picture.
Yeah! I told ya!
This is a sapote, my favourite one. It resembles a cooked pumpkin, but much sweeter.
However, the most popular fruit at "Robert Is Here" is mango. They even ship it worldwide.
As a courtesy, staff would cut the mango for you and remove a stone, so you can enjoy it even more.  
By the way, this is a mango tree.
I really liked their papaya, too. It's very sweet. 
Sauces and honey.
Fresh cold coconut? Not a problem. 
Mini zoo with some donkeys, ostriches, goats and other animals.
And, of course, there is always something for children.
Monstera Deliciosa. According to Wikipedia, the fruit looks like corn and tastes similar to banana and pineapple. 

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