My Top 10 of Things to See in London (Part 1)

My first experience with London was quite good, although I would not like to live there. Having said that, it's definitely way better t...

My first experience with London was quite good, although I would not like to live there. Having said that, it's definitely way better than my first experience with New York City which was horrible. I put together my own top 10 of things that I found amusing, interesting or captivating in London. With too many books and online resources about London, I don't think you would want to read yet another stereotyped article about this incredible city.
1. People in Suites. 
People in London, especially men (pardon, ladies, that's true) know how to look sharp and effective. 
Suites are not only for work but for pleasure, too.

2. Drinking a lot and outside of pubs. 
No matter what day of the week it is, people go for drinks.  
For instance, it was Wednesday. This pub at Borough Market was so crowded, that people stood and drank outside. Never seen anything like this in North America.
Another pub and people drinking outside.
Even the British admit they drink a lot.

3. Lush Greenery. 
London gets enough precipitation year-round, so it looks green 365 days a year.  
You can even find bushes and trees that usually grow in much warmer climates.
From one old anecdote.
Someone asked the old gardener from London:
- How to make your lawn look perfect?
- Very simple. You should water and cut the grass every day. And keep doing so for 300 years.
Not uncommon to see wildlife like geese in North American cities, but they also live in London.

4. Cyclists. 
Cyclists in London are everywhere. They usually obey rules, but they ride very fast. So watch for cyclists if you want to cross the road as a pedestrian on the red light. 
By the way, traffic lights in London are too unfair for pedestrians. They usually allow only about 15-20 seconds for pedestrians to cross while cars that are going in the same direction have way more time.

5. Rich History. 
Romans founded London about two millennia ago, and even though they abandoned it almost fifteen hundred years ago, you can still see the fragments of the Roman wall today.
London is probably the greatest living museum on Earth. During the construction of the new railway line called Crossrail (still underway), thousands of important artifacts were discovered underground.
River Thames, the artery of London, has seen a lot throughout the city's history. Even today, each low tide brings some interesting discoveries.
London has four World Heritage Sites. The most famous one is the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, including St Margaret's Church. The Palace of Westminster or House of Parliament is where both houses - House of Commons and House of Lords meet.
Unlike many people think, Big Ben is a clock, not a tower.
Beautiful Westminster Abbey and its St Margaret's Church, a coronation and burial site for British (and Canadian) monarchs since 1560.
Speaking about Canadians. Some may not agree, but I think that no other city outside of Canada gets more attention and sincere cheers from Canadians as London does. Part of it is because of an unrequited love as Canada is the only monarchy on the North American continent, yet its royal family does not really belong to Canada.
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.
 London is dotted with beautiful churches, cathedrals and other historical buildings.

London's most famous and recognizable cathedral - St Paul's Cathedral.
With its height of 365 ft / 111 m, the cathedral remained the tallest building in London between 1710 and 1967. By the way, the Capitol in Washington, DC heavily drew its design from St Paul's Cathedral.
The cathedral is an important symbol of the British national identity. Many significant events and celebrations happened there throughout history. That's why Germans targeted it in 1940-1941 during the heavy and frequent bombing raids called Blitz. Although it was damaged, it survived the war and was later restored.
War scars of London.

To be continued. 

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