My Top 10 of Things to See in London (Part 2)

This is the second part of the article about London. You can read the first part here .

This is the second part of the article about London. You can read the first part here.
6. Red and Black. 
Red and black are the two colours that dominate in London among others. Let's start from red double-decker buses that became a national symbol of London and England. 
Next comes a black cab. It's an extremely spacious vehicle that can fit five people. 
Red telephone booths are rarely used nowadays for calling since almost everyone has a mobile phone, but there are still plenty of them in London.
Many of them offer a paid Wi-Fi.
Not all of them are red though! This one is black.
Red mailboxes of Royal Mail.
And other cool artifacts in red and black.

7. Old Brick Buildings. 
London is the great city to see different architectural styles - from medieval to contemporary. But my favourite style is old red and brown brick buildings from 18-19 centuries.  
Rainy weather in London is classic. But locals say that there is enough sunny days too. 

8. Contemporary Art.
London has managed to remain a very modern city even though there is a huge cultural heritage from the past. But look at these examples of the contemporary art.
New condominiums by the Thames River.
Tate Modern Museum hosts one of the greatest examples of international modern art and uses an old power station building as a gallery.
Fresh futuristic buildings next to the Tower Bridge.
30 St. Mary Axe or just the London Egg.
The area next to the London Museum.
London Eyesore.
Business Innovation Kills?
Hay's Galleria.
London Cauldron was a guarded secret of the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony in London.

9. Construction Everywhere.
London is not just an old city, it keeps expanding. The construction seems to be everywhere. 
The property got so expensive, even the gravestones have been moved closer to each other.
More construction.
London Stone.

10. Bridges Across the Thames River.
Out of the many bridges across the Thames River, each one is unique. 
Millennium Bridge.
Westminster Bridge.
And the most famous bridge in London - Tower Bridge. Truly magical, especially at night.

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