3rd Blog Anniversary and 18 Best Pictures of 2018

It's been the third year in a row that I posted my favourite pictures of the past year on my blog's anniversary day.  The number ...

It's been the third year in a row that I posted my favourite pictures of the past year on my blog's anniversary day. The number of pictures equals the year's number, so this time around you'll be able to enjoy 18 pictures. Can't wait until my blog turns 100! Most of the pictures will be new to you as I'm slowly but steadily revealing my trips completed in 2018 as my time permits. Using this opportunity, I'd like to thank you for following my blog here and on social media, and giving me enough inspiration to continue delivering the very best content that is interesting, entertaining and relevant to you, my readers! Happy New Year and wishing you and your families all the best in 2019! 

1. Canyonlands National Park, Utah (December 2017).
Although shot in December 2017, this picture deserves to be on this roster as it was not ready at the time I posted my 2017 Best Pictures. Canyonlands National Park is such an amazing place in the middle of the arid Mars-like desert, and there is so much more you can see if you go on a longer day hike, do backpacking or even hit a dirt road on your 4x4. The full article - Discover The Land of Hundreds of Canyons.

2. Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado (January 2018).
Forget about your typical hot tub, go visit the Glenwood Hot Springs - the largest natural hot springs pool in the world! I'm sure it's fun to submerge in the warm waters heated by Mother Earth any time of the year, but you definitely want to try it in the middle of the winter. The full article - 5 Must-See Stops Along I-70 in Colorado.

3. Mackinac Island, Michigan (May 2018).
Mackinac Island is the largest and the purest throwback into the 19th century United States with all the glorious Victorian mansions and horse carriages. And the best thing about the island - it's 100% car-free. Stay tuned for the full article.

4. Old Port Montreal, Quebec (June 2018).
For most Americans and Canadians from English-speaking provinces and territories, Vieux Port de Montréal (Old Port of Montreal) is a quintessential piece of Europe carefully preserved by the Québécois over the years. If you're up to cobble streets with old stone buildings, cozy cafés, delicious crêperies, bakeries selling fresh French croissants and baguettes, and sharp gothic spires, look no further - Old Port has it all. The full article - Charming Vieux Port de Montréal After Dark.

5. Niagara Falls, Ontario (June 2018).
Experience the immense power and beauty of Niagara Falls up close by taking a boat tour from either Ontario or New York. The full article - Niagara-on-the-Lake - The Loveliest Town in Canada

6. Ottawa, Ontario (May 2018).
Ottawa probably has the largest number of events per capita in Canada, and my favourite one so far is the Canadian Tulip Festival. Make sure you plan your next visit to Ottawa in the middle of May to experience it yourself. The full article - Canadian Tulip Festival, The Largest in the World - Why in Ottawa?

7. Dali Museum, Florida (August 2018).
Designed by the world-renowned Yann Weymouth, the building of the Dali Museum in Florida looks very surrealistic much like the artwork of Salvador Dali. Although seems airy thanks to its glass entrance, the building is meant to withstand category 5 hurricanes with its 18-inch concrete walls. This is what I like about contemporary architecture that often tricks you into believing something unreal. The full article - Have No Fear of Perfection - You'll Never Reach It.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands (August 2018).
It's challenging to find a secluded place on a busy summer weekend in overcrowded Amsterdam, but if I've found one, you'll manage to find one, too. The full article - Seven Reasons Most Visitors Come to Amsterdam.

9. Kyiv, Ukraine (August 2018).
The Italian city of Rome proudly bears the title of a "city of seven hills", however many other cities across the globe claim the same title. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is one of them. You can literally feel each hill as you go explore this ancient and beautiful city, but I think the best way to see them all (or at least most of them) is if you take a Dnipro river cruise from the River Port at the Podil neighbourhood. The full article - Ukrainian City of Seven Hills and The Best Way to See Them All.

10. Baden-Württemberg, Germany (September 2018).
Do you know what I like the most about travelling in Europe? Discovering a place with no prior planning. One of those places on my latest trip to Europe was Biberach in Baden-Württemberg. The full article - Bavaria Road Trip of a Lifetime: 8 Must-See Places (Part 2)

11. Dachau Death Camp, Germany (September 2018).
Certainly, this picture bears no aesthetic value but rather reminds us of the nazi regime that swept across Europe and much of the world in the 1930-40s killing millions of innocent people. We should all be vigilant to not allow this again in the age of rising nationalism and digital dictatorship. The full article - Bavaria Road Trip of a Lifetime: 8 Must-See Places (Part 2)

12. Tyrol, Austria (September 2018).
It's typical to see cows grazing in alpine meadows in Tyrol, Austria and much of German Bavaria. To keep those domestic animals that are so important for the local economy out of car traffic, farmers use electric fences. By no means, the current is deadly, but still strong enough to discourage a cow from leaving a designated area. 

13. Alpsee Lake, Germany (September 2018).
The view of Alpsee Lake as seen from Neuschwanstein Castle makes it to the top of the list of the most iconic Bavarian places. The full article - Bavaria Road Trip of a Lifetime: 8 Must-See Places (Part 1)

14. Vaduz, Liechtenstein (September 2018).
The principality of Liechtenstein generally falls behind Germany, Austria and Switzerland in terms of its long history or the natural beauty of its land, but certainly made its name when it comes to contemporary art. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is one of the largest in the world, and the tiny city centre of Vaduz is dotted with pieces of modern art of all sizes and shapes. 

15. Zugspitze, Germany (September 2018).
Bavaria has greatly exceeded my expectations. It seems that everyone living there is forced to participate in a competition for the prettiest house and yard, that's how nice and neat everything looks in Bavaria. Combine it with the gorgeous German Alps, amazing infrastructure and astounding hospitality, and you can get an idea of what Bavaria truly is. The full article - Bavaria Road Trip of a Lifetime: 8 Must-See Places (Part 2)

16. Appenzell, Switzerland (September 2018).
I don't envy people living in Switzerland. They must be too bored to travel anywhere else in Europe because very few places rival the beauty of Switzerland. The full article - Switzerland: My Expectations vs Reality

17. Lindau, Germany (September 2018).
A picture-perfect old town of Lindau sits on the island of Lake Constance (Bodensee). From there you can reach three different countries within 40 minutes of drive - Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The full article - Bavaria Road Trip of a Lifetime: 8 Must-See Places (Part 2)

18. Stowe, Vermont (October 2018).
There is no shortage of scenic byways in Vermont to enjoy one of the prime natural wonders in North America - fall foliage. The full article - Vermont - The Best Place for Leaf Peeping.

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